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Here at Blaze Adventure Tours we have ridden in a lot of places. Benefit from our experiences to plan your own trip or go on one of ours!

The Cyclist’s Guides

Guide to C&O Canal Bike Tour
Guide to Blue Ridge Parkway Bike Tour
Guide to Skyline Drive Bike Tour

Preparing for Your Tour

What is a guided bicycle tour like?
How to plan a bicycle tour
How to pick a bikepacking tent
Bikepacking/Touring basics
How to train for a bicycle tour
How to pick bikepacking/touring shoes
Comprehensive Gear Checklist

Other Bike Touring Content

What is bicycle touring?
Boutique bicycle tours
Guided bicycle tours
Gravel bikes for bicycle touring
What is a gravel bike?
Guest Post: 5 Best Vermont Touring Stops

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Two endurance junkies turned adventure travelers. Come on a trip with us!

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