Why Choose a Boutique Bicycle Tour?

Here at Blaze Adventure Tours we pride ourselves on being unique. As a small-family owned and operated business we pour our hearts and souls into every tour we put on. When you join one of our trips, chances are at least one, if not both of your guides are in the family. The “big name” companies may offer some frills and options, but we think your experience with a small boutique touring outfit will deliver in different ways.

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Specialized Knowledge

Our bike tours and routes are hand crafted by us! We have personally cycled, bike-packed, and/or visited every inch of the route. We have stayed at the accommodation, tasted the pancakes, and sipped on the coffee. Your guide has ridden up that mountain in the 90 degree heat or through the mud in a rainstorm. Each and every guide you will tour with is here because of their love and passion for human powered travel. Let us share our knowledge and experience to make your trip unforgettable.

Small Company, Big Experience

We run our tours the way we run our own personal vacations. The ride is about you and your experience. Blaze Adventure Tours only runs a select number of tours each year. This allows us to deliver on experience and cater to our customers. We don’t have quotas and aren’t trying to cram as many customers through the doors as possible. Instead we want to give each rider the adventure of a lifetime. You travel the way we would want to. Not destination to destination in the most efficient and economical way. Each tour is about the journey, hitting the off-the-beaten-path spots along the way, and making as many memories as possible. With Blaze Adventure Tours you aren’t just customer number 10,831; you’re our traveling companion as long as you’re with us and beyond.

Traveler not a Tourist

We pick the best stops and excursions, not just the first google result destinations. You don’t need us to book a stay at the fanciest 5 star hotel in the area; you can do that on your own. Blaze Adventure Tours will take you to the best off the beaten path coffee shop in town on the way to the sweetest campground. A big name tour might take you to the national brand brewery, we will take you to the brewery the locals love. Don’t worry, we still hit all the big ticket locations, but one of our boutique tours will have you seeing the hidden spots and immersing yourself in your surroundings.

All the Benefits, Less Cost

Without the national (or international) sales teams and infrastructure to maintain, smaller touring companies are more nimble and able to pass that savings on to you. We deliver an unforgettable experience for less cost making you $/fun quotient higher. Come ride with us and see why bicycle touring is the best way to travel.

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