Q. What is included in the trip price?

  • All lodging during your tour
  • All meals except when noted
  • Services of experienced guides
  • All snacks and beverages during your rides
  • Van support during your ride and all transfers necessary once the tour begins
  • Comprehensive trip information with detailed route profiles and turn by turn directions
  • National Park and all other fees encountered during your tour
  • Baggage transfers throughout the entire trip
  • Blaze Adventure Tours tee-shirt
  • Mechanical support for common bicycle problems.
  • Not included: airfare and transfers to and from your tour, alcoholic beverages, gratuities for guides and personal expenses

Q. Why do you include camping on your tours?

A. Blaze Adventure Tours is an adventure travel company. our mission is to help our customers have the best adventure possible. Campgrounds often have excellent access to hiking trails or other features that are further from traditional hotels. Camping also allows us more flexibility with the route to create the best experience possible. Camping also gives riders a true sense of the place and a more adventurous experience. Dont worry, we always make sure to include indoor accommodation along the route where it makes the most sense to give everyone a break and a nice bed.

Q. How large are the groups on your tours?

A. We believe that smaller groups offer a premium experience for our customers. Tours typically have 4-8 riders. This allows us to give every rider the attention that we believe they deserve and helps with our tight knit group dynamics.

Q. How long are the daily rides? Do I have to ride the whole way?

A. Daily distances vary and you should read each tour description for more specific information. However, daily mileage is typically between 30 and 70 miles. Riders are free to take a ride in the SAG vehicle at any time. We also offer “jumps” to the next rest stop for riders who might just need a break but want to keep riding that day.

Q. How many guides are on a tour and is there support on the road?

A. Blaze Adventure tours typically has one guide on the bike with you, and one guide in the support vehicle. We offer support along the entire route for riders.

Q. If I am traveling alone but would prefer a roommate will you assign me one?

A. Our tour prices are based on double occupancy. If you are traveling alone but would prefer to share a room we will do everything we can to assign you a roommate (like gender) but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to do so. If we are not able to assign you a roommate then the tour specific single occupancy supplement will be assessed.

Q. How do I get to the start of the trip? How will I get to the airport at the trip’s end?

A. Detailed information is provided about how to get to and from all of our tours. Tours generally start in locations with access to multiple transportation options. Some tours will have a shuttle to and from a pickup point.

Q. Should I bring my own bike or can I rent one from you?

A. Since we are a tour company for long distance cycling trips, we advocate using your own bike (your butt will thank you later). We will organize the logistics of shipping and rebuilding your bike as well as transport to tour start (additional service fee). We can also facilitate rentals if your own bike is not an option.

Q. How strong of a cyclist do I have to be to go on a tour?

A. Our tours vary in difficulty and length to serve cyclists of all abilities. If you are unsure of a tour’s difficulty, please give us a call! We also provide general advice on how to prepare for your tour.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please contact us using the form below or send an email to blazeadventuretours@gmail.com

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