Adventure Travel the Right Way

We could write a nice paragraph explaining how our tours are the best and our guides are the smartest, but that isn’t who we are. Blaze Adventure Tours is a company that sets out to help you do adventure travel right.

We live and operate by a few immutable laws. They can tell you who we are better than we ever could.

Don’t be a Jerk.

This one is important; no one wants to go on tour with a jerk. This goes for riders and guides. No jerks on our tours.

Safe is Fun

Adventure travel is all about fun, that is until someone gets hurt. We have the maximum amount of fun by staying safe.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Sorry to burst your bubble fellas, but bigger isn’t always better. We never add expensive extras or create large groups just to make money. Our tours and group sizes are crafted to deliver the best experience for our customers and that’s the way we like it.

True to the Trail

Adventure travel routes often go to remote places without fancy hotels. To us that is a good thing. A night under the stars in a remote campsite is an experience you’ll remember forever. Another hotel is just someone else’s bed. Blaze Adventure Tours does touring different than other companies; we stay true to the trail.

Leave no Trace

We are here to admire and experience nature, not destroy it. We believe strong that we should leave no trace and if possible leave nature better than when we got there.

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