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The blog is where we share information about bikepacking and bicycle touring. From guided tours, to gear lists, to tutorials on how to pack; join us here to make your next adventure even better.

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What is a Blaze Adventure Tour Like?

Blaze Adventure Tours brings a premium, inclusive bicycle touring or bikepacking experience without sacrificing the adventure. In other words, we help our customers have an incredible time, see amazing places, and create memories you will never forget. But what does that mean on a practical level? What does a tour look like and how doesContinue reading “What is a Blaze Adventure Tour Like?”

What is a Gravel Bike?

Gravel Bikes are the newest frontier for cyclists. Somewhere between a mountain bike and a cross bike, gravel bikes can traverse a variety of terrains while not being poor on any of them. Lets explore what makes a gravel bike unique, what utility a rider can get out a gravel bike, and why they mightContinue reading “What is a Gravel Bike?”

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