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How to Pick a tent for Bicycle Touring

When going on a bicycle tour or bikepacking trip, you’re going to need a tent! With hundreds of choices, the question often comes up, what is the best tent for bicycle touring? When choosing a tent for your bike trip it is important to consider both the activity you are doing and the location of…

5 Best Stops: Vermont Bike Tour

We have a special guest post from friend of the blog April Bielefeldt. April runs travel tours for phtographers in the North East United States. To learn more about what she does visit her website She is stopping by to tell us about some great sites in Vermont which are also very bike-able! Without…

What is a Blaze Adventure Tour Like?

Blaze Adventure Tours brings a premium, inclusive bicycle touring or bikepacking experience without sacrificing the adventure. In other words, we help our customers have an incredible time, see amazing places, and create memories you will never forget. But what does that mean on a practical level? What does a tour look like and how does…

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