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Welcome to the home of Blaze Adventure Tours! We are here to help you embark on the adventure of a lifetime. From bicycle touring to backpacking and everything in between, Blaze Adventure Tours is here for you.

Our Team

Dave has been racing endurance sports for over a decade. In 2015, he heard about bicycle touring and has never looked back. Whether he is cruising across the french alps or racing triathlon across the USA, Dave feels that there is nothing more exhilarating than exploring the world powered by your own two legs. David’s favorite aspect of adventure traveling is getting to see the world at human pace.

“There are so many experiences you miss in a car or train; on a bike or a hike you can really immerse yourself in the world, and take a piece of it with you forever”

Meredith found triathlon at the University of Maryland. It was there that she heard about the 4k for Cancer and jumped at the opportunity to ride across the United States from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR. Since then, Meredith has taken every chance she has to hike or bike her way through nature. Meredith’s favorite thing about adventure traveling is breaking from the normal routine of life and living simply.

“My favorite trips are the ones where your only worry in the world is how to get from point A to point B. It really gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the local culture and the natural wonders that surround you.”

Keith has been in love with the outdoors and all it has to offer since 2012. From Rock climbing up and down the east coast to, white water kayaking, Ice Climbing and doing numerous backpacking and adventure trips as far as the Philippines. It was at Towson university where he became a guide for the school. There he received his Wilderness First Responder Certification which gave him the confidence to help individuals feel safe experiencing the outdoors the way he does.

“Being in the outdoors and enjoying it is a privilege. It is something I believe everyone should do, especially taking the next step to get into that zone of growth, that area where you are pushing yourself and trying new things that you once might have thought was out of reach. That is the area that I love to live and hope to get other people comfortable!”

Bob is an experienced outdoorsman and veteran of the U.S. Navy. Bob’s love of the outdoors shines through in everything he does. Whether he’s biking across the United States, finishing an Ironman Triathlon, leading kayak tours, or hiking through the Alps, Bob is always following his passion and sharing it with others.

“It’s a great big planet with so many incredible places to see and super people to meet on the trails! I just love being in the outdoors and sharing it with others.”

Libby Skinner has had a cycling love affair with the Blue Ridge Parkway for over forty years. She is the author of Bicycling the Blue Ridge: a Guide to Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway (Menasha Ridge Press). She has toured the Parkway over a dozen times. She lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her husband Charlie Skinner, also an avid cyclist.

Our English Shepherd, Blaze, has been our number one adventure buddy since the day we brought him home. Blaze enjoys long walks through the forest in the autumn, splashing in every swimming hole, and letting his fur blow in the breeze on every mountaintop. His favorite part of touring includes meeting new friends and (of course) eating all the snacks. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll tag along on a tour with you!

“Woof woof!”

Trek, also an English Shepherd despite his Golden-like appearance, is the newest and youngest member of the team. Trek is a big fan of hiking, camping, and being outdoors no matter the weather! Like Blaze his favorite part of trips are the snacks and the people he meets along the way.

“Bork, Bork!”

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