5 Reasons to Go on a Guided Bicycle Tour

According to Wikipedia bicycle touring is the taking of self-contained cycling trips for pleasure, adventure or autonomy rather than sport, commuting or exercise. According to us bicycle touring (or bikepacking) is the best way to travel and experience the world! Many bikepackers go out on their own. Here are 7 reasons why a guided bikepacking trip is even better than going it alone.

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The most difficult part of bicycle touring and bikepacking is often the logistics. Planning your route, finding food, and carrying heavy baggage can take valuable time away from enjoying your bike trip. A guided bike tour will provide all of these services and more. Let someone else shlep your bags and pick your campgrounds while you do what you came for; ride and enjoy your trip


We have ridden on many sub-par roads, camped in noisy and dirty campgrounds, and eaten at one two many popular fast food restaurants. These things can often make a great day on the road into a bad one. Your tour guides have already checked out these potential pitfalls to make sure your days stay great. They know the best places to eat, drink, sleep, and ride. Do yourself a favor and visit the best spots, not a random RV park or seedy motel you found on google.


The only thing that makes a bicycle tour better is the people you ride with. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a relative newcomer, you will make lifelong friends with the people you tour with. Sharing amazing experiences such as a Skyline Drive sunset or fall foliage on the C&O Canal will be something you never forget. Touring just isn’t the same without the inside jokes, shared triumph over a big climb, and shared sense of adventure that comes with touring in a group.


Safety should be the number one concern on every bike trip. Alone on a bicycle tour you may be in trouble if a mishap or crash occurs. On a professionally guided tour you will always have someone close by to offer assistance in an emergency. At Blaze Adventure Tours we have driven and ridden the roads so you know you’re going on the safest route.


Go on a guided bicycle tour if you want to have fun! If you like riding your bike, enjoying nature, hanging out with cool people, and finishing your adventure with a sense of accomplishment then bicycle touring is for you. Your guides will make sure you see hit all the highlights and a few spots that are off the beaten path. Let us take you on the adventure of a lifetime.

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