What is Bicycle Touring or Bikepacking?

Bicycle touring, sometimes known as bike-packing, is the act of traveling by bicycle. A tour can last from two days, to months or even years! Bicycle tourists often tour solo, with small groups, or on guided tours offered by touring companies. Some of those companies also offer “self-guided tours.” On a self guided tour, you purchase a route that may come with pre-booked accommodation. You just have to go out and ride. Tours come in all shapes and sizes. Some embark on self supported expeditions where riders carry everything they might need in the more remote areas of the globe. Others may take so called credit card tours where they ride from hotel to hotel, experiencing life on the road with a bit more comfort. Still others take the middle path; ride for a week or so and camp along the way. Interested in bicycle touring? Take our quiz and find out what tour style is best for you?

Published by Dave and Meredith

Two endurance junkies turned adventure travelers. Come on a trip with us!

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